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Gal Friday 612 founder Jessica Lindgren has done it all. She’s worked for tiny start-ups, for giant corporations, and for herself. She built her career over the course of a decade, then built her own business from the ground up. She knows what makes working environments supportive and what makes them toxic. She knows when to stick it out and and when to jump ship. In-depth understanding of what drives successful businesses gives her valuable intuition. Diverse working experience gives her boundless empathy for coaching clients who feel underused, underappreciated, and underpaid.

Many business coaches focus on a single subset of workers, but Jessica can:

  • Help entrepreneurs crystallize their ideas and create actionable strategies
  • Help mid-career workers identify their personal roadblocks and offer clear advice to set them on a new path
  • Help anyone who grapples with Sunday Night Dread leverage their skills and interests, then summon the courage to take important next steps

Dozens of people in all career stages have worked with Jessica, and found her insights and perspective priceless. She ensures that every coaching client walks away with considered steps, renewed confidence, and a roadmap that leads down a more rewarding career path.

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